Table Massage

Table MassageCustomized massage including Swedish techniques, Deep Tissue techniques, and Trigger Point Therapy for chronic muscle pain or headaches. Each massage is tailored to your needs in that particular moment.  Relaxation and healing techniques are all part of the experience.   90 Minute – $90.00 60 Minute – $65.00 30 Minute – $40.00

Chair Massage

Chair MassageYoga classes are so very relaxing, and so is massage. Now imagine combining the two! A familiar sight in airports, malls, salons, and corporate events, this specially designed seat allows the client to fully relax in an upright position (and remain fully clothed and oil free) as the therapist focuses on releasing tension in shoulders, backs, necks, and arms. It is truly amazing how just 10-20 minutes can completely change your day! 20 Minute – $20.00 10 Minute – $10.00 Contact for party/group rates!

Edible Facials

Facial“If you wouldn’t put it in your body, don’t put it on your body”–is the philosophy behind this simply delicious experience. Essential oils and all organic, all natural (many local, and some even home grown) produce, roots and foods are specially blended fresh for your complexion and will leave your skin radiant. No bizarre chemicals or additives! 75 Minutes – $70.00

Facial Massage Only

facial massagePut your best face forward with this refreshing experience for men and women of all ages and skin types. A combination of gentle massage techniques and iSculpt facial cupping is used to increase circulation, and release tension and toxins in the face, scalp, neck, and shoulders. Essential oils can be added to take your experience to a whole other level. 30 Minute – $40.00

Foot Massage

foot massageYour feet do so much for you—consider doing something for them!  Deep release in the muscles and tendons of the feet and lower legs, coupled with reflexology techniques, will have you walking on air in no time.   30 Minute – $40.00 60 Minute – $60.00

Private Yoga Lessons

Yoga ClassYoga is great for every body! A customized private lesson can be perfect for people with physical limitations, or those who want to practice yoga but can’t seem to find a regular class that meets their needs. Even old pro’s need a spot check now and then!   At the Studio – $35 In your home – $50