Yoga ClassYoga is great for every body! Learn more about customized private or group Yoga classes and guided meditations.

When I was a little girl, our family doctor told me, “Cathy, you have a scoliosis and an extra vertebrae.  If you don’t take care of your back, when you get old you will be in a lot of pain.”
I never forgot that warning and when I was 18 years old found my way to Yoga.  Yoga has saved me from so much pain—I love sharing it with others.  I practice Classical Yoga, which focuses on bringing harmony and balance throughout the body, mind, and spirit.   I have been teaching it since 1994, and teach from a Christian perspective.
 I love working with individuals to help them create a personal practice that is based on their body’s needs.   In a class, the teacher is rather like a choreographer; individually—I teach you the how and why of a yoga practice, so it can be a part of your life, whether a class is available or not.  Yoga can include physical exercise, meditation (mental exercise), and spiritual exercise.  I am happy to tailor your personal practice to your interest and need.
Yoga is highly adaptable and can be practiced by almost anyone.  I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.